What is a Connection Group?

A Connection Group is a small gathering of 8-12 people connecting, growing, and becoming together. At Freedom we want to help you build relationships, develop your faith, and live in God’s fullness. Connection groups are strategically designed to do just that. We know that there is no better way for you to find a community you belong to, grow in your relationship with God, and discover your potential than through godly friendships. Most importantly, all of our groups exist to foster an authentic, life-changing relationship with Christ. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to Live Life Connected.

What types of groups are offered?

Freedom DNA…
is designed for you to know the heart and vision of our church and connect with our lead pastors, John and Shelli Bates. 

Connection Groups…
are designed to help people grow in their faith with the community through study and spiritual development.

Live Life Connected…
we offer a variety of groups to fit your needs. Find a group that is the right fit for you by clicking on “Groups” on the left side menu.

When are groups offered?

Groups are offered during the fall, summer, and spring trimesters.

Spring Trimester: January to March

Summer Trimester: May to July

Fall Trimester: September to November

Groups take a break in the months not listed to give our leaders a time of rest. We call that time “Unplugged.”

Freedom DNA meets on specific Sunday nights from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Our Connection Groups are every other Sunday Night @ 6pm in our Connection Group Leaders’ Homes. Addresses are provided on cards which are located in the Info Booth or through the Group Directory.

How do I join?

You can join a Connection Group one of two ways
1. Come by the information booth on Sunday mornings at Freedom to view our groups and meet some of our leaders. 
2. Contact the Connection Group leader(s) of your desired group(s) listed in the Group Directory.